Self Sustainable Home by Make My Cave

Why go for Villas or Flats !!!

When you can Build your Dream Home with Make My Cave

Make My Cave introducing "Self Sustainable Home" first in kerala

Now you can dream a home that will satisfies all your needs


Nature in mind Architecture

makes your home more energetic and natural

Design based on organic light and air conditioning

will help to reduce and energy consumption and healthy

Low energy conceptional lights(LED Lights)

Future is LED-It will reduce around 50% of electricity and is long lasting and pollution less .

Solar plant for using renewable energy

Solar is the reasonable and effective renewable energy usage for making electricity. Implementing solar on making a new home will profitable. Investment will be return in 5 years.

Bio Gas and Waste Management

Daily waste management is now a headache.  Biogas is the best way to solve this issue and give cooking gas for daily usage and can save LPG, also give fertilizers for your kitchen farming.

Well and Water Management System

The main issue we are facing in future is lack of pure water, proper raining is now unpredictable and ground water storage is going down. Only option in front of us is storing rain water and utilizing proper planing before making a home will help to keep all the rain water and storage.

Gardening & Kitchen Farming Implementation

All the health issues we are facing in present is due to the lack of healthy and organic foods. We can make vegetables for our own use from our house itself.  Biogas gives us organic fertilizers.  Our Gardening & Kitchen Farming Implementation will satisfies that needs and keeps you healthy.

Space Utilizing Customized Furniture Designs

Pre-planed customized furniture's will help to utilize the maximum space and make the home spacious and beautiful. 

Just contact us to make your Home Self Sustainable !!

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Kannanmoola jn
Medical College p.o ,trivandrum

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