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Solar Powered

Solar is the reasonable and effective renewable energy for making electricity. Implementing solar panel when making a new home will be profitable. Investment will be return in 5 years.

Solar Water Heater

Solar hot water is a green, renewable heating system and can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. Once you've paid for the initial installation your hot water costs will be reduced. Lower carbon footprint.


Daily waste management is now a headache. Biogas is the best way to solve this issue and give cooking gas for daily usage and can save LPG, also give fertilizers for your kitchen farming and keeping your city clean .Investment will be return in 2-3 years.

Organic Kitchen Garden

All the health issues we are facing in present is due to the lack of healthy and organic foods. We can make vegetables for our own use from our house itself. Biogas gives us organic fertilizers. Our Gardening & Kitchen Farming Implementation will satisfies that needs and keeps you healthy.

Natural Well & Rain Water Harvesting

The main issue we are facing in future is lack of pure water, proper raining is now unpredictable and ground water storage is going down. Only option in front of us is storing rain water and utilizing it. Proper planing before making a home will help to keep all the rain water and storage.

waste crusher & waste water management

A vast majority of food waste can be crushed with our exceptionally tough grinder, like fruit and vegetable waste, leftovers, fish bones, eggshells, livestock bones and much more. All wastes is crushed and transferred to biogas plant that makes your kitchen hygienic and waste is used in biogas .

Security Camera

CCTV camera can be said to be the 3rd eye which is working for 24*7 to protect you. There are countless benefits of installing CCTV camera at your home, office or your business place.It will Reduce Crime,Monitor Activities,Keeps All the Records Digitally (very helpful for crimes and insurance Activities ) and finally Peace in mind.

Smart locking System

Install a smart door locking system and enjoy the great ease of access like never before. It is the futuristic technology where you can unlock the door by tapping your smartphone. You just need to connect your smartphone Bluetooth to do all that. Some of the benifits are High security,No More Keys,24/7 Control,controlled directly from your smartphone.

Nature in mind building plans

Creating building plans is completely based on Vasthu Shastra and utilizing 100% Natural light and Air Flow to make the home cool and energy efficient .

Smart Lighting System

All the lights are branded LED Lights with long life guaranty , and also introducing energy efficient DC Fans .

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